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About Me

Hello, I'm Alain Maven and I would like to welcome you to my website!


As many other things in my life, curiosity led me into the world of photography. What started as a quest to find out the why behind what photographers were charging, quickly turned into a full blown obsession with the art and a desire to master it.


Of course it did not stop there. After exploring different areas of photography as seen in my portfolio, I naturally came across the art of video making.

I am passionate about learning and mastering new topics. With adventure photography and filmmaking as my area of focus. I intend to document my progress throughout this journey to hopefully inspire others on the same path.  

Whether it's photography or filmmaking, I enjoy creating content as it is a way for me to capture life's adventures. I hope you find value in visiting my site. Welcome and feel free to contact me for photoshoots.



Contact Me:

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